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GRAND OPEN 01.09.2017 18:00
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A few words about the server...
We are running from 18.12.2015 and we do not stop working on the server .. We are constantly developing and introducing new solutions which in the arena of muonline servers distinguish us.
Please take a moment to read the presentation of the server.

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Name: GreatMuOnline (Shortened name: GMO)
- - -
Version: Season 6 Episod 3
Exp: x300
Drop: x30
Reset: 400 lvl (Max reset 50) (Reward: 2 WCoin per reset)
Grand Reset: 50 Reset (Reward: 500 WCoin per reset)
Max stats: 32767.
Max item level: +15 +28opt
Create Guild: 400 lvl
Elf buffer: 250 lvl
Party experience:

  • Normal party
    • 2 Players - 110%
    • 3 Players - 120%
    • 4 Players - 130%
    • 5 Players - 140%

  • Special Party (Not recurring class)
    • 2 Players - 115%
    • 3 Players - 125%
    • 4 Players - 135%
    • 5 Players - 145%

    REMEMBER! The level difference affects party experience.
    Highter level always have got best experience

Create characters:
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Jewel Successfull:

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Golden: Every 4 hours (rozpoczyna się od : 00:25)
White Wizzard: Every 4 hours (rozpoczyna się od: 00:50)
Red Dragon: Every 4 hours (rozpoczyna się od: 00:15)
Skeleton King: Every 4 hours (rozpoczyna się od: 00:05)
Medusa: Every 12 hours (rozpoczyna się od 9:00)
Rabbits: Easter time (rozpoczyna się od 02:15)
Summer: Only summer time June - August (rozpoczyna się od 02:25)
New Year: Only new year time (rozpoczyna się od 02:25)
Christams: Only christmas time ( 12:50, 15:50, 18:50, 21:50, 00:50)
Selupan: 48hour after killed.
Kundun: 48hour after killed.
Erohrim: 24hour after killed.
Balglass: Everyday at 19:00.
Blood Castle: co 2 godziny od 00:00.
Devil Square: co 4 godziny od 00:30.
Chaos Castle: co 2 godziny od 01:00.
Ilusion Temple: Raz dziennie o 17:30.
Castle Siege: Raz w tygodniu w niedzielę.
Castle Deep Event: Codziennie o 18.nce on week on sunday.
Castle Deep Event: Everyday at 18:00.

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Junior GameMasters: